An exciting new project in Plymouth working to connect more people with the marine environment

Blue Sound is working to connect more people with the marine environment of Plymouth Sound and estuaries. It will be delivered by the Marine Biological Association with the support of a host of partners across the city. The project is made possible thanks to a £388,286 grant from Access to Nature, a £25M grant programme that is part of the Big Lottery Fund's Changing Spaces programme.


Blue Sound aims to bring more local people into contact with the marine environment by tackling physical and perceptual barriers to accessing natural 'blue space'. Initial work is currently going on to find out who accesses the coast now, why people go and what stops people going more.


The Blue Sound Project was launched at the Blue Mile event. This summer there will be a number of events delivered by the MBA education team. Project partners, Coastnet will also be working on community and school projects in the west of the city and the surrounding area. Combined these opportunities aim to help people learn more about the marine environment and enjoy marine life.


Blue Sound Action Groups will be working on focused projects that will hopefully improve marine awareness of local residents. Through offering a diverse range of activities we aim to reach new audiences.