The Launch

The Blue Sound Project was launched during the Blue Mile event on 13th June 2010. Over 150 people took part in the project directly through the activities listed below, and 3,500 people visited the environmental marquee on Saturday alone!

The Blue Sound Project shared a display with the National Marine Aquarium, SAHFOS and the Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum. In addition, there was rock pooling and a sand pit in the marquee for the little ones, plus a photo memory competition.

Local people plunged in to the following activities and many signed up to take part in the Blue Sound Project as it grows over the next 3 years.

  • Snorkelling taster sessions at Tinside Lido. 54 young people, families from The Crown in Stonehouse, Saltash School, residents from PETRA and local people from stone house Devonport and the City centre.
  • Canoe Adventures. 18 people took part in canoeing at the Barbican.
  • Power boating with Horizons. Groups from The Zone and The Crown in Stonehouse took part.
  • Kayaking with Mount Batten Watersports Centre. 12 seniors with disabilities from the Beckley Centre took part.
  • Crabbing. 54 people met some of the 10 legged inhabitants of Plymouth Sound.
  • Plankton dipping. Scientists from the Sir Alistair Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science (SAHFOS) showed how important is the microscopic life of the sea.
  • Family nature activity. 30 children and parents had fun talking marine life in the Environmental marquee.
  • Environmental Marquee. 3,500 people passed through on Saturday alone!
Blue Sound launched at Blue Mile

We also used a big map of the Plymouth Sound and Estuaries European Marine Site to gather information on how people in Plymouth use blue and green space. This information will be on the website soon and we will use it to help develop more fun and sustainable ways for people in Plymouth to go blue and green!

A big Thank you to: all the volunteers who manned the stand and ran crab potting; FotoNow; East Cornwall Divers and The Zone for sending us volunteer help and lending us kit, and to Rishi Bates.

Snorkelling with Blue Sound at Blue Mile