Mount Batten

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Mount Batten Breakwater is located out past Hooe and Plymstock. It is a popular fishing location due to having plenty of space and free parking. If you can't get out there, you can always get the water taxi accross from the Barbican too!

The seaward facing side is very rocky where as the inward, Barbican facing side is very clean ground so if you wan't to fish on the bottom, the inward side is best.

Common Species Caught Here

Mackerel, Garfish, Wrasse, Pollack, Blennies, Rockling, Dogfish, Pouting, Congel Eel and Whiting.

Less Common Species You May Catch

Thornback Ray, Bass, Plaice, Mullet, Bream

Top Baits

Mackerel will catch the majority of species you get around the breakwater so will be the best all round bait to use. Ragworm is more likely to catch the smaller fish so is the top bait if you want to catch lots!

Popular Tactics

The majority of people you see fishing here will be float fishing either close in for wrasse and pollack or further out for mackerel and garfish. People who prefer to fish on the bottom will usually be fishing the inward side with worm or fish baits, usually at night.


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