Lions Den

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Lions Den is located on the Hoe Seafront and is often overlooked as a fishing place. You can choose to fish from the rocks or the flat platform if you don't feel comfortable on the rocks.

The ground is mixed between rocks and sand so can be a little snaggy, but this means other species are likely such as Congel Eel and Rockling.

Common Species Caught Here

Mackerel, Garfish, Wrasse, Pollack, Dogfish, Conger Eel Pouting and Whiting.

Less Common Species You May Catch

Thornback Ray, Bass, Bream, Plaice, Gurnard.

Top Baits

Ragworm will catch the Wrasse, Pollack etc, but fish baits such as Mackerel will offer more of a chance of other species here.

Popular Tactics

More people will avoid bottom fishing here due to the snags, but if you want to catch Conger for example then you need to fish on the bottom. If you would rather not loose gear, then you can float fish for Mackerel, Garfish and Pollack.
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