Kinterbury Creek

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Kinterbury Creek is an estuary in St Budeaux. It can only be fished at high tide due to it completely emptying as the tide goes out. You need to be careful with the mud here as your feet can sink in it quite easily in places.

Common Species Caught Here

Bass, Flounder, Mullet, Whiting, Pouting

Less Common Species You May Catch


Top Baits

Due to this mark being an estuary, the natural bait here is ragworm. This will catch any fish that you will find here apart from the mullet which will take bread.

Popular Tactics

The fish here feed from the bottom so that's how you want to fish here. A simple bottom rif with worm will catch everything apart from the mullet which will take bread on a float.


Blue Sound Bass caught on a Blue Sound tripBlue Sound Blue Sound trip to Kinterbury
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