Mount Edgecombe Shore Tour

  1. The Orangery - You will need to get behind this statue to find your first stamp
    Latitude, longitude 50.358504,-4.174152

    Shore Tour Clue One
  2. The Block House and Battery - This clue is in a very dark place............
    Latitude, Longitude 50.358217,-4.171885

    Shore Tour Clue Two
  3. The Stables - If you can find these wellies you are looking in the right place!
    Latitude, Longitude 50.354187,-4.177209

    Shore Tour Clue Three
  4. Mount Edgecombe House - You will find a deep dark hole
    Latitude, Longitude 50.354348,-4.176769

    Shore Tour Clue Four
  5. Maker Church - Look for Ernest Walter Ridley
    Latitude, Longitude 50.347053,-4.184993

    Shore Tour Clue Five
  6. The Harbour View Seat - Look for a hollow in a tree
    Latitude, Longitude 50.350859,-4.178526

    Shore Tour Clue Six
  7. The Zig Zags - At the top of the hill you will find a tree with a burrow
    Latitude, Longitude 50.346273,-4.169253

    Shore Tour Clue Seven
  8. The Folly - Hidden under a rock is where you will find this stamp
    Latitude, Longitude 50.351193,-4.168791

    Shore Tour Clue Eight

Send your completed stamp booklet to

Leo at CoastNet
Devonport Guildhall
Ker Street

All completed books will be entered into a competition

So donít forget to include your name, address and telephone number so we can contact the winner.